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What are possible ways of selling on Amazon?


Amazon records high growth each year in terms of the number of sellers and buyers as well as in terms of a turnover generated from sales. Also companies that have observed amazon only with the side eye must admit that sales on the amazon should no longer be ignored. Sales methods on Amazon's marketplaces vary depending on the strategy, the type of products and the capabilities of individual companies.

A brief overview of possible ways to sell through amazon marketplaces:

  1. independent sales of goods on the Amazon marketplaces, both to final customers (B2C) as well as to business (B2B) customers - this is about the most demanding form of sales, but it would be recommended if you want to take full control of your brands on the amazon and that you are aware of the long-term commitment to managing your Amazon account;
  2. sales of your branded products is taken over by Amazon, who acts as a distributor - this option can be used by manufacturers, but exclusively in case they are invited by the amazon, which regularly monitors market trends, and invites manufacturers to become amazon's vendor for products considered by amazon they have a market potential; therefore, there is one of the options in case you are invited to cooperate with the amazon and you do not want to manage sales on amazon by yourself;
  3. sale is taken over by one of the experienced, well-established and long-standing sellers on Amazon (indirect sales), who either acts as a seller and sells (a) under your brand name, or (b) under his own brand name;
  4. sales (B2C and B2B) under the Amazon brand and/or under your brand name, however with products exclusively sold on amazon; it is so-called the "Amazon Accelerator", promoted by amazon also as the "Amazon Family of Brands";
  5. sales within a special category within the Amazon marketplace meant for handmade products, i.e. "Amazon Handmade programme", which also allows buyers to order a personalized product;

Individual options listed above can be combined and individual ones not at all. Within the framework of individual options, additional options are available, especially in case of sales option under No. 1. Individual options also have specific Amazon requirements that need to be met in advance. Your chosen option should be in line with your market entry strategies, with your existing online sales, if you have it, and of course with your existing partnership network (traditional sales network, suppliers, ...) in case you have it.

The options and roles that are reasonable to assume when selling on amazon also depend on your current role, e.g. whether you are

  • a manufacturer with a small or larger number of products and you want to sell them under your own brand names,
  • a manufacturer who is willing to sell white or private label products to others,
  • a retailer or a retail chain with your own trademarks and/or third party trademarks,
  • a marketing consultant without own products, and you would like to sell third party products through Amazon under your own brands or third-party brands.

As you can see, the number of variations on the topic is huge, so we recommend taking the time to study the options and carefully plan. 80% of the time should be reserved for planning, complying with requirements and preparation, 20% for implementation; i.e. the 80/20 rule, which is especially strong and important when introducing amazon sales and especially when you want to introduce your own amazon sales under your own brand, which will require a greater investment in a form of knowledge, time and money.

At WOTRA, we already have experience in implementing individual options. For example, we are proud we've been able to complete a very demanding project and helped the client to implement its own sales under its own and partner brands on the European amazon (option under No. 1) with a very demanding technological solution in conjunction with their pre-existing online store and very demanding partnership business model.

In case you want to know more about the benefits and potential traps related to the sales on Amazon marketplaces and expand sales to new markets through online sales channels (amazon and/or other available and established online marketplaces), we invite you to consult with us and/or ask for customised training specific to your organization's needs. You can also contact the author of this article via phone, no. +386 40 790 000 or via e-mail: ir / @ / wotra.com.



As regard the sales on Amazon's marketplaces, we also offer consulting, mentorship, coordination, management services tailored to your needs, including:

  • advisory support in the planning, preparation and implementation of sales on  Amazon;
  • management of your Amazon account on your behalf;
  • coordination and/or management of internal and external expert team(s) involved in the planning, preparation and implementation of the "amazon" project on your behalf;
  • mentorship of your team during the preparatory and implementation time of the "Amazon" project.

Marketing and Sales

  • for certain types of products and services, we also develop our own online sales;
  • we can fully take over the organization, development and management of your sales network and/or your other partnership network;
  • we are developing our own marketing channels that can be used to promote your products; we also have a very good overview of a variety of traditional and online marketing and sales channels of third parties; we can also take over the development and management of your online identity through pre-agreed online marketing and sales channels on one or more markets;
  • other related services.


Service innovations, combined with collaborative business models and the digital economy, bring significant changes in entry strategies to foreign markets and sales channels.This means that a company can decide between the traditional and/or digital sales channels and between the traditional and/or innovative collaborative business and sales models when selling its products and services. A large set of options for using different sales channels requires from a company a regular monitoring of trends as well as knowledge on how to use modern sales channels and business models. In the course of the training, participants are acquainted with a large number of possibilities, and at the same time they are qualified to analyze these possibilities and gradually introduce modern sales channels and business models into their own practice.

We develop our programmes modularly, separately for each type of communication and sales channels, by product groups and services, by individual markets as well as by other criteria and received companies' initiatives.

Among the training programmes we highlight here three programmes related to marketing and sales, internationalization and digital economy:

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About the Author

Irena Rezec, M.Sc., MBA

Irena Rezec is an experienced expert with more than 30 years of experience both in the public as well as in the private sector in Slovenia and abroad. She has gained experience and knowledge in the field of information solutions development, entrepreneurship, European and global business ecosystems, business collaboration and partnership approaches as well as in internationalisation of companies, all by obtaining the University (information systems) and Master's (international management) degree, by managing the Euro Info Cenre in Ljubljana (currently titled Enterprise Europe Network), by cooperating in various working groups in Slovenia and abroad, and within last years in the role of the Owner and Director of two companies (WOTRA - Slovenia, WOTRA Universe - UK) also by implementing a big number of consulting projects and workshops in Slovenia and other countries in the world. For the past 18 years, she has also regularly evaluated EU project proposals (EU H2020, URBACT, Eurostars, EuropeAid programmes and other EU funds) in the fields of R&D, ICT and industrial clusters development, and occassionally in the field of SME development as well as in urban and rural economic development.

In addition, she was in-depth training in:

  • collaborative relationships and partnership management (Rhythm of Business, OECD, Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Flanders);
  • open and systematic innovation (CREAX, ECSB);
  • selling on amazon marketplaces (Amazing);
  • digital marketing and online sales channels (Amazing, Shaw Academy);
  • regional economic development (Flemish Government, OECD, InWEnt Germany, Assembly of European regions);
  • EU public procurement, EU financial accounting and management tools for EU projects, EU structural funds, and World Bank Opportunities;
  • quantum techniques (Tadej Pretner);
  • systemic dynamics in organisations - systemic constellations in business (a licensed faciliator certified by the Institute for Systemic Constellations Slovenia in cooperation with Bert Hellinger Institute of the Netherlands).

Her top 5 expertise areas:

  1. diverse marketing and sales channels and foreign markets entry;
  2. ICT (eCommerce, including with online shops, SaaS solutions, software applications reviews and improvement suggestions, platform and ecosystem concepts, etc.);
  3. business and partnership strategies, collaborative cross-sectoral business models, business ecosystems development;
  4. funding search;
  5. holistic business insights and advice.

Her great advantage lies in knowing and understanding different domains expertise and sectors, different levels of business in the broader international context, digital solutions and diverse traditional and digital marketing and sales channels. Therefore, all the advantages come into force in areas where a strategic perspective, multidisciplinary skills, collaborative and partnership business models, digital and traditional methods and tools or traditional marketing and sales channels are intertwined.

You can contact the author via phone, no. +386 40 790 000 or via e-mail: ir / @ / wotra.com.

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We are proud we've been able to complete a very demanding project and helped the client to implement its own sales under its own and partner brands on the European amazon (option under No. 1) with a very demanding technological solution in conjunction with their pre-existing online store and very demanding partnership business model.

We are very satisfied with the cooperation and advice received from the company WOTRA (Slovenia) and WOTRA Universe (UK). We started to cooperate in our Amazon marketplace penetration, and later on we expanded our cooperation in setting up a business ecosystem and penetrating our products in the UK market. On the basis of successful collaboration, we, in the company i9 d.o.o. (Slovenia) and i91422 UK Ltd (UK), recommend the company WOTRA as well as the WOTRA Universe for above mentioned services also to other investors and companies.


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